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Scalextric is soo last century! Who wants to be confined to racing cars on slots? Well RealFX is unlike any other race system you will have ever seen or experienced.  It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create a rare mix of video, slot and radio controlled type racing.

RealFX uses a patented system to deliver the most realistic racing experience outside of a driving a real car on a real track!

So what do you get? The product comes with 2 AI  remote control race cars, 2 x AI remote control handsets and 20 pieces of Real FX sensor-track and an instruction manual.

As there are no slots and no lanes you can overtake anywhere, just like in real life! You can play single or multi-player, when playing alone you can simply set the second car into ‘AI pace’ mode.

Not only that but you can introduce hazards to the track and mechanical failures and blow outs to make the racing even more realistic.

And for a change, yes, batteries are included!

Setup couldn’t be easier, simply put the batteries in the cars and the controllers connect the track together switch on and go! You can be up and running in 10 minutes.

You can drive in a variety of different modes: practice / race or even against a computer controlled car all with varying levels of assistance. With assistance on this allows the car to drive itself around your track (providing you are not going too fast).

You can then override the assisted driving and add in your own throttle and steering inputs to make for a faster lap. We found leaving some assistance on is good, as it allows you to exit a corner, floor it and see the car straighten itself up to the centre of the track, aligning yourself nicely for the next corners.

Want to add more cars? No problem, you can buy additional cars and handsets and pair them on different frequencies so that you don’t have any issues.

Seriously, racing doesn’t get more realistic or fun than this, if you’re a boy racer (or know someone who is then this is a must buy!)

Real FX Slotless Racing

The most realistic racing - outside of a real car on a real track
No slots, no lanes - overtake anywhere on track with 'Ackerman' style steering
The best of all 3! - said Pistonheads (referring to Video games, Slot racers and R/C)

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Price: £99.99 £65.85

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